Mind your business

Sometimes to get ahead in life you just have to mind your business…

The best piece of advice that anyone could give you is, mind your business. Look after yourself, your friends and focus on your own success.

I see tonnes of people my age (and older) so engrossed in what everyone else is doing that they don’t even work on themselves. They’re envious of the things everyone around them has that they don’t even begin to value all the amazing things they have.

in reality though, how much can you get done if you’re constantly comparing yourself to the people around you? It’s ok if you’re 21 and live at home if your friends are travelling the world and your work friends own a house if you’re in a long-term relationship and your best friend doesn’t want to have a boyfriend at all. Every single person is different and to expect your life to be the same just leads to negativity. What are you actually getting out of thinking that? Literally nothing. At all! You’re creating a headspace where you’re criticising your own achievements so much more than you would ever do to someone else.

I say this because as I’ve got into my early 20’s I find myself benchmarking myself against others. I know I shouldn’t, and I know I’ve achieved some pretty impressive stuff myself, but that doesn’t seem to quiet the voice in my head that is telling me I’m somehow behind other people my age – that I am somehow missing the big finale of where I should be.

So my advice? Just mind your business. Concentrate on yourself and work on you. Don’t spend all your time and energy giving all your attention to someone else but what are you leaving left to focus on yourself.

One piece of advice I saw Maya Jama post a few weeks ago I thought was really helpful was: every time you catch yourself getting stressed because of comparison, list all the things you enjoy about your life and all the things you’re grateful for. No matter how hard you wish or how cruel you are on yourself, you aren’t living someone else life and you’re wasting your time constantly making yourself feel inadequate.

It can sometimes feel anxious not knowing where you’re going to end up or to not be 100 per cent sure where you are right now, but trust me when I tell you-you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

The life you’re going to end up living is on its way and it’s getting here as fast as it can. So enjoy right now because one day you’ll look back and regret all those days and weeks and moments you spent being envious of others. You’ll pine for the years where you were 22 and had the entire world at your feet and no obligation to do anything you didn’t want to!


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