Summer skin with St Tropez: in shower tanner

The sun is shining but your tan hasn’t quite caught up? Find out what i think about the St Tropez in shower tan ☀️☀️


If you’ve been following my blog for while you’ll know I’m very pale skinned. I don’t tan and most fake tans look ridiculous on me. Patchy, streaky, too dark, you name it I’ve experienced it.

Despite waving the white flag for my war on fake tan last summer, I recently came across the St Tropez I’m shower tanner. I thought it was a slightly strange concept as I couldn’t understand how you ran if it’s used like a shower gel. My inquisitive side got the best of me and I decided to give it a whirl. St Tropez is known for their high quality, so I was pretty hopeful.

After only three or four uses I was really impressed. The consistency of the shade means it doesn’t look really fake or too much.

It applies very easily and it doesn’t streak. I was almost too shocked with how good it applied to my skin when usually it rejects tanner. Its so natural I’ve had shocked comments from people who know I don’t tan, thinking it’s real. Which is exactly what you want when using a tan.

One thing I do always try to do is moisturise after applying it, just to stop it patching too much. Most skincare products apply better to well-moisturised skin – especially anything tan based. I know the pain of having dry skin and assuming the tanner won’t realise it’s there… it does, it always does. Don’t be a fool and get that moisturiser out.

It costs £11.50 if you get it from Beauty Bay, which I think is a really good price for a tanner that works. I think I paid £15, but I’ll defo be getting it from Beauty Bay next time (I only discovered it when starting this blog).

They do a few shades, I tried the light shade which was the perfect amount of tan without being really obviously fake. As it’s more of a gradual than a fake tan, it doesn’t come off in your sheets or smell like biscuits! What more could you want?

I’d love to hear what your favourite tanners are when the sun is shining!


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