Goodbye Dark Circles

I don’t know about everyone else but dark circles are the bane of my life. I hate waking up to be faced with shadows that make me look tired and cannot be hidden no matter how hard I try.


I know in an ideal world you want the dark shadows to disappear rather than just cover them up, but if you’re in a hurry and want some tried and tested recommendations here’s my top cover-ups:

These are just a few concealers I like but they’re all particularly good for covering dark. I sometimes find shadows still come through even with high coverage makeup. There’s tonnes on the market but colour correctors are great for going under your foundation – then highlight on top.


My absolute favourite product for brightening and tightening is the Tropic – Face Lift mask.

I am sometimes sceptical of face masks as the results are difficult to see. This one though is amazing. I sometimes use it before a night out to make my skin look extra fresh and glowy.

If you wanted to give it a try you can buy it here!


I recently tried the Arbonne Gel Eye Masks and fell in love. After about two / three weeks of use, I really did see a visible change in my dark circles. They aren’t cheap but I have to recommend them as they were a miracle for me. There are lots of eye masks on the market and I think the main thing is hydration! keeping your under eyes hydrated is the first stop when it comes to dark circles.

A quicker and slightly more budget-friendly option would be to use green tea-infused cucumber slices every evening after your skincare routine. They’re cooling and really help to reduce puffiness too if you suffer with that in the morning.

**Disclaimer this next one is the obvious one** – General hydration. Drink more water! It’s as simple as that. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it needs to be hydrated to perform at it’s best. So try and carry a bottle of water around with you to encourage you to drink more.


This is applicable to a lot of things but general diet is a definite factor for me. High salt intake can cause dark circles to become worse.

I try to make sure 2/3 of my meals are veggies and greens. I find eating healthy food tends to generally make my skin better in lots of ways!


These are just a few things I do to get rid of those nightmare dark circles – I hope they help for you too!

Thats all from me, thank you so much for reading! I’ve been having a little break from social media recently so it’s good to be back writing blogs!



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