Arbonne… love or hate?

My skincare collection might be getting a little out of control, but seriously can you ever have enough lotions and potions? I think not.

At the start of this month, I kindly got sent a selection of the ‘young skin’ Arbonne products and wanted to do a full review on what I thought!

There are so many ‘anti-ageing’ products on the market it can sometimes be tough to find products that specifically look after young skin, so I was really looking forward to trying this range out.

The range I tried was the ‘Re9 advanced prep work‘ and as far as I’m aware it’s specifically aimed at younger skin.

I’ve been using the range for around 2 1/2 weeks so far and I’ve tested four products overall; so I thought I’d do a mini review for anyone wondering what Arbonne is like. The range is a little more on the expensive side so I’ve tried it, before you buy!

Personally, when it comes to skincare I am happy to spend a little more. I always think you can tell the difference, and if it works then why not splash out a little bit? So, if you’d like to try any of the below products or fancied discovering some new Arbonne products you can get them through my friend Diana <<

She’s just starting out but when it comes to makeup, skincare and all things beauty she knows her stuff! So if you wanted to ask her some questions you can drop her a line here too:

Ok, so now onto the review…

Gel eye masks

Honestly, I’ve always thought that products like this were a bit gimmicky. However, the gel eye masks were by far my favourite product out of the whole range. I used them mainly at night time but when I have puffy eyes in the morning they were great for that too. They definitely hydrated my eyes and I’ve noticed a difference, I’ll do another update once I’ve been using them for a little longer.

I do have quite sensitive skin so I was really pleased that the formula didn’t react badly with my skin.

It was recommended to me to put the masks in the fridge before using them and I found this made a huge difference. The cooling sensation and the product worked really well together. Even after two weeks, I have genuinely noticed a difference.

Price – £48 (60 masks)

Get yours here!

Soft Focus Veil SPF 30 

My second favourite product in the range was the soft focus viel. I have actually just got back from holiday and it was the perfect substitute for my foundation while I was away.

It’s really lightweight but the tint in it made me feel comfortable enough not to wear anything else. I am really conscious of using skin protection so was really happy it was spf 30.

As a pale girl, I sometimes struggle to find a good match with products like this, but the coverage was good and the colour wasn’t too dark. One thing I did really like was that it wasn’t perfumed. Sometimes I find foundations to be a little overbearing if they have a strong perfume/chemical base, but I didn’t find this at all with the veil.

Overall I thought it was a lovely product. I’ve tried quite a few BB style creams in the past and never really been blown away with the results, but I would 100% use this again and intend on packing it whenever I go away in the future – think I’ve discovered a new handbag essential!

Hydrating Dew Cream 

The moisturiser was also really nice. Honestly, I found it slightly too thick to use in the morning before my makeup but I liked using it in the evening to really hydrate my skin. Again it didn’t have a perfume which I really liked (I just prefer my skincare to be natural and not have a smell).

I do suffer from quite dry skin so I found this product did help with that. I actually used it on my arms too, as I get eczema, and I found it really soothing after I’d showered.

I didn’t notice any specific difference between this and my normal moisturisers in the way of it being specifically for younger skin, but I liked it all the same and will continue to use it.

Cleansing Polish

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this product. I have a love-hate relationship with exfoliator type skincare. They are either too rough or literally don’t do a thing. This polish was nice on my skin and it wasn’t so rough I felt I could only use it once a week.

If you have particularly rough skin or like a to exfoliate your skin regularly this might be a really nice product to try off. I have quite soft skin so I’m not sure I will use this every day but I’ll definitely reach for it when I do feel like I need a really good cleanse.


I’m really loving trying out new brands and products at the moment and I feel like I’m really discovering a whole new world of beauty. If there are any specific brands or products you’d like me to try please let me know!

I’d love to know what you want to be reading.

Thanks for reading!

Curls & Pearls



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