Summer Skin – top tips

Now that summer is nearly here it’s important to make sure you’re looking after your skin! ☀️☀️☀️

Despite the weather not fully understanding that is it, in fact, June and the sun should probably be showing its face a little more at this point in the year, I remain hopeful that summer will show up at some point. Don’t get me wrong the snippets of summer we have seen in the uk have been greatly appreciated, but a few more lunch breaks sunbathing wouldn’t go a miss.

As someone who has always had pale skin that burns VERY easily, I like to take extra care in the summer to make sure I am looking after my skin properly.

For some people, the idea of putting on suncream and delaying the chance of tanning is a complete no go. If you’re like me however and like to alter your skincare routine depending on the weather to make sure you’re looking after yourself the best you can then I’ve got some helpful tips.

I am currently sunning it up in the south of France and thought it would be a great blog to let you all in on how a pale, sensitive skinned girl like me looks after her skin in the warmer months.


My first and most obvious tip is to wear suncream every day, especially facial suncream. I am a little extreme and I wear Dermalogica Solar Defence under my make up all year round. I won’t go on too much about this product as I mentioned it in my March Favourites blog – so take a read if you want to find out why I love it so much.

Another suncream that I swear by is the Velvet Face Sunscreen 50(spf) from Frezyderm. Again I mentioned this brand in my March Favourites but that was about their skincare moisturisers. I recently started using their suncream and have really loved it – controversially, more than my Dermalogica solar defence actually. So much so I’ve subbed out my £42 Dermalogica for this fantastic alternative.

I’m not even going to call it a ‘cheaper’ dupe (even though it is), as I feel like this product has strong enough legs to stand on its own as a fantasists summer must have when it comes to skincare.

I keep one in my bag and one at home, at all times to make sure I’m never far away from it. Definite summer handbag essential!

Frezyderm are experts in sensitive skin and have the largest range of skincare products ever so there are loads to choose from.

Whether I use this product as a precaution, or for protection when it’s really sunny I have been really impressed. You don’t often find factor 50 suncream that also work well with make up and are purely for your face. In the past, I’ve found some suncream to be a little drying or irritating but I haven’t had any of this with this product. Mineral suncream is also really good for sensitive skin.

If you’re interested in checking some more of Frezyderm huge range of skincare products, you can find them here.

Aloe Vera

If you do burn or find your skin drying out due to the warmer weather I would really recommend buying some Aloe Vera or moisturisers with Aloe Vera in them. I currently have one that’s from Tesco and cost £1!

You can of our course get high-end stuff but anything Aloe Vera based is my lifesaver in the summer. It hydrates and cools my skin if I burn. Plus it makes your skin smell lovely.


I have lost count of how many times I’ve mentioned this on my blog and Instagram and I know everyone says it, but! Water and generally staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your skin and overall health.

Ideally you should be drinking 2-3 litres everyday, especially if you’re exercising. Water keeps your skin healthy and I always notice a difference when I’m not drinking enough.

Top top – if you struggle drinking water I suggest you invest in a ‘drink more water’ bottle. They have targets on the bottle to encourage you! Here’s one from amazon that I found – bottle

Cleanse and Exfoliate

For some reason, I always find that I really need to ramp up my skincare routine in the summer. Maybe it’s because you sweat more or your make up soaks into your skin easier but I would 100% recommend cleansing your face twice a day to make sure your skin doesn’t have any excess dirt soaking in.

If you can cut down the amount of face make up you wear in the summer then great, but If you don’t then you really need to be conscious of making sure you’re using a good cleanser.

Exfoliation also removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from toners and moisturisers. A couple of cleansers I would suggest are listed below:

Avoid sunbeds

I know it can seem tempting to top up your tan with the weather is a little dreary; but honestly, the benefit you get from using a sunbed just isn’t worth the damage you can do to your skin and overall health.

Sunbeds dry out your skin and if you have skin like mine this just isn’t a good idea. They age you and can cause serious skin issues.

Fake it!

Just because you’re avoiding sunbeds and sunbathing to prevent premature ageing and skin issues,  doesn’t mean you need to stay pale this summer. Faking it is the best and safest way to bronze up. There are so many fantastic fake tans on the market now as well, that the streaky biscuit smelling nightmares we’ve all had are a thing of the past.

Two of my favourite fake tan products at the moment are the Lavera Sun Sensitive Self Tanning Lotion and St Tropez in shower tanner. The in shower one is a particular favourite as it doesn’t streak. As someone who has dry skin I find fake tan tends to stream and collect by my dry skin. But St Tropez have revolutionised my fake tan experience!

Shower after swimming

Chlorine can dry out your skin and cause allergic reactions in some people. Even if you’ve been swimming in the sea the salt can cause irritation. This is a pretty obvious one but it’s a good idea to shower just after you’ve been swimming – it’ll rinse harmful bacteria and irritants off of your skin and keep your skin healthy.


So that’s it! Tonnes of information to keep your skin feeling and look glowy, without the usual skin damage of the sun.

I hope your enjoyed.

Leave comments and love below if you enjoyed this blog!

Thank you,

Curls and Pearls


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