Well done Vogue

#NewVogue as a starting point for change. Find out why i love this months issue of Vogue so much!

Do you know how much I’d have loved seeing the girls on this months cover of Vogue, on the cover of magazines when I was 14/15? It would have been momentous; it would have completely altered my perception of what the ‘perfect’ look is.

Plus size, different races and a variety of religions. That’s what this month’s May edition of Vogue featured and I couldn’t be happier about it!

I believe it’s vitally important to be responsible when creating media. After all, the likelihood is someone, somewhere who’s younger than 18 is indulging in the idea that the cover girls on these magazines are perfection. They’re what you strive to become – regardless of what you are now. For years, I think this responsibility has been blatantly ignored by magazines, the media and social influencers. We want our daughters and sisters to love themselves yet we, as adults pin pictures up on walls and idolise after women we can’t possibly dream of looking like (the real reason – because they don’t look like that themselves).

To see a magazine as influential as Vogue choosing to incorporate versatility and diversity on the cover of their magazine is a real step towards inclusion for me. I think the reason this particular feature made such an impact on me was because so many brands say they support diversity but very few actually do anything about it. The thought that young girls are able to look up to a prestigious publication like Vogue and feel empowered rather than ostracised from the idea of what is beautiful is amazing! I recently read an article about the diversifying culture of Vogue and they referred to the new editor’s impact as the ‘Edward effect’ – which it think is great, as the new editor really is making huge leaps in changing fashions perception of what is beautiful.

I also hugely enjoyed the piece titled “drama queen” that celebrates successful women in the film and theatre industry. It’s about time we squish the ridiculous notion that it’s a ‘mans world’ and start showcasing the talent of females. The piece highlighted the contradictory expectations and judgment of women in comparison to men and I found it a very good read and educational. I even discovered some new ladies in the industry that I’d like to find out more about! Women supporting women, what could be more important? The whole issue was about diversity, inspiring women and speaking about subjects most beauty mags just wouldn’t – it was momentous. Not a word I would usually use to describe a fashion magazine.

In light of the referendum in Ireland, there was also an opinion piece interviewing Lynn Enright regarding abortions. She gave a very raw and honest interview about her opinions her own experience with abortion. I know personally, abortion was never discussed in schools even from an awareness point of view. It must be even harder to understand if you are from Ireland and are unable to even consider this option – regardless of your circumstances. It was a brave subject to cover and I am very glad multiple media channels have chosen to take the plunge and do so recently.

May’s issue did all of this in true Vogue style, with class and elegance and made these very deep and meaningful issues somehow seem cool and ok to be talking about? I’m sure some people may see this as a bad thing, as those Vogue are diluting the importance of these subjects; but for me, I see this as making these issues more accessible. Should the media be more moralistic and diverse in their coverage? I believe they should, and Vogue has taken a really positive step in making these previously unspoken issues more widely discussed and increasing awareness at the same time. Plus, even if just the cover made one young girl feel more comfortable in their skin I believe Vogue has 10000000000% done its job.

The whole issue was a celebration and explanation of women – an utter credit to the newly appointed editor – Edward Enniful.

Here’s to diversity and inclusion and all the things in between!

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this type of blog so I’d love it if you could please leave me a comment & share.




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