The Travel Bug

Why is traveling and exploring the world so important while you’re young?

The older I’ve got the more I’ve realised how valuable travel is. I’ve always been a bit of a jet-setter and pined after seeing as much of the world as possible, but after beginning full-time work I’ve truly begun to understand the priceless value that travel can give you. The genuine characteristic altering opportunities it provides you with.

I’ve recently got back from a trip away to Barcelona with my partner which was so much fun. I am off to France next month to see family and ticking off another country off my list in late September.  I also traveled to six brand new places last year as well and already have 2019’s destinations in planning. So you could say travel is quite an important part of my life.

Whilst I totally appreciate the cost of traveling is usually the main hurdle for most people, for me, I just think the experience of seeing the world is invaluable. I think some of the most impactful and influential moments in my life have come from trips I’ve been on. It definitely makes up part of who I am.

Whether you travel on your own and learn to appreciate the beauty of the world flying solo; or get to properly connect with your travel companion whilst exploring a new cove of a new country, it is not a feeling you can purchase.

I think when you’re young it’s very easy to excuse your lack of travel of funds. Let’s face it, nobody has any money at 18. But I know when it comes to the latest trainers or top fashion fix we always spare a few pounds. There isn’t really a profound purpose to this blog besides emphasising to someone who might be on the fence how valuable travel is. Don’t force that ‘travel bug’ feeling away – embrace it! I know it’s an integral part of my personality, but I think there are lessons you just can’t learn without exposing yourself to a little bit of new culture.

Whether it be a weekend in Italy or a far flung trip to the Philippines there really is so much you can learn and grow from by traveling and exploring the world. I’d go as far as saying it might be one of my favourite things about life. What a statement hey!

So get a journal and outline all the places you want to visit in the next five years. That gives you saving time and planning time. You can split the trips up and factor in life around it – what’s not to love? Remembered to constantly add new place once you’ve crossed one off, to keep you going on your plan.

Document your trips so you can look back and remember all the AMAZING memories you’ve got.

I think a lot of people overwhelm themselves with the prospect of traveling. If they don’t do it all in one year when they’re 21 it’s never going to happen. False. Not true. You don’t have to spend a year reenacting eat, pray, love to do it at all. You can do long trips, short trips, extended holidays or weekends away. Do what suits your timeframe and your pocket and you’ll never worry about the prospect of “traveling” again.

So, embrace the fear, buy the plane ticket and thank me later!

Thank you so much for reading

That’s it for this time ❤❤

Curls and Pearls


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