Why failure is a good thing

For many of us the idea of failing sometimes stops us for trying in the first place. So find out why it’s actually a good thing!

As someone who has left uni less than a year ago I can understand the pressure that you put on yourself to achieve highly. We all do it; we expect ourselves to achieve all our ambitions in 5 minutes. The past couple of months I been doing this exact thing. I also recently felt a little disappointed with a few elements of my work life and my own perceived success. Granted when reviewing how far I’ve come really we should also give ourselves an easier time.

For many of us the idea of failing sometimes stops us for trying in the first place. I am a big believer than some of the best experiences in life live outside your comfort zone. Sometimes to achieve the things you want you’ll need to strike out and sometimes that will end up in failure – in moments of disappointments where you’ll contemplate why you even tried in the first place. There will be jobs that you’ll go for that you won’t get, ideas that don’t pay off or situations where you’ll put yourself out there and it’ll be returned with disappointment.

The good thing about failure is it is without doubt the fastest most effective way to learn. Growth doesn’t come from the same decisions. Einstein once said that insanity is not making a mistake, its doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. So why not try something new! Why not strike out and if you fail, what’s the worst thing that could happen? Well, more than likely you’ll be further along that when you started.

The beautiful thing about disappointment and heartbreak is that you won’t feel that way forever; and when you don’t feel that way anymore the failure you’ve faced will develop you into something entirely different. That’s how life lessons work! Ever wondered how your mum knows what to say when you cry? Why your grandma knows what to do when you hurt or why your dad (step dad in my case) always knows what to do in a crisis? Life experience! That’s literally it, learning from mistakes and disappointment and failure!

So if you’re facing failure the only thing I’ve got to say is, don’t worry! Failure is fine, it’s what makes you… well you. Whatever stage you’re at just have a little faith cause I’ve been proved more often than not that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. You have to fail, you have to take risks in order to reach outside of your comfort zone. Fear of failure is preventing you from striking out just in case it doesn’t pan out how you’d planned. So try! Strike out and if you fail you’ll learn the next time you try.

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