March Favourites

As the first month of spring comes to an end I wanted to share another monthly favourites with you!

Before we get started I am sorry this is coming a couple of days late. I spent my bank holiday weekend chilling out and spending time with my nearest and dearest. Despite being 6 days late there’s never a month that goes by where I don’t discover new favourites.

So let’s get started..


Starting off with some new skincare I recently tried a new brand called Frezyderm.

I’ve always suffered with dry / sensitive skin. When I was younger I used to really struggle to find any products that suited my skin. As I’ve got older I’ve experimented with a few different products and some have worked wonders, others have been a major flop. I came across Frezyderm completely by accident on Instagram and was lucky enough to get a great variety of products to try. I have been really impressed so far and found the products especially good for areas I suffer with eczema / extremely dry skin.

I tried a couple of their creams, including – Atoprel Emollient Cream & Anticort Cream

You can find their products here πŸ’­

Dermalogica – Solar Defence Booster

Another skincare revelation comes this month from Dermalogica. As sun cream protection goes this little baby was a bit of a splurge. I’m really big on sun protection in make up and in skincare, as we all know the sun isn’t the best thing for healthy young looking skin. I’m always super keen for wearing sunscreen under my make up but usually it makes my make up a bit greasy and stops it from setting properly.

When I came across this lovely little bottle I felt like my make up regime had a pick me up! This product is SPF 30 and a lovely smooth consistency, not greasy at all. It sits under my make up really nicely and I don’t notice it impacting wearability. I also feel a lot better knowing I’m wearing factor 30 each day.

Find it here!

Makeup Revolution X Sophie Palette

I originally came across the MR X Soph range when I purchased the matching highlighting palette last year (you can see it in the below picture). The colours were nice but I didn’t use them all so that’s a shame. I then thought I should try out the eyeshadow palette and I’ve literally fallen in love. Currently it’s my total go to and I just adore the shade range. For Β£10 for 24 shades you’d think the quality wouldn’t be good but honestly all the shades are pigmented and really high quality. I love the fact there’s everyday shades and some really bright ones for your weekend looks too! I also really like the shade names but that’s just a personal preference.

You can but both palettes here ✨

I’ve had a fairly busy month so I haven’t tried as many new products as I like to! When I’m busy I find it easier to stick to my tried and tested. Despite there not being as many favs this month the ones I have discovered I totally love so please let me know if you’ve checked any out! ❀️❀️

Thanks for reading!

Curls and Pearls


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