Empties – 2018 so far

Empties for 2018 so far! Find out which products I’ve already repurchased and which ones have been replaced with alternatives.

We might only be three months into 2018 but I seem to have already gone through so many products and my empties box is piling high ready to be replaced. Well, some will be getting replaced, others will be getting dropped from the running after discovering some upgrade replacements.

Cantu Curl Cream

I have definitely mentioned this product somewhere on my blog. This is my most recent curl cream discovery and I am absolutely in love. Cantu has a really wide range of products for curly and I am definitely going to try some more from this brand. The product itself is perfect for defining curls, I put it on straight after I’ve had a shower and it definitely makes a difference. It also smells incredible and has lots of lovely natural ingredients.

Sanctuary Spa Mineral Night Cream

I am actually sad this product is empty. My mum gave me a brand new pot of it a few months ago and I’ve been completely obsessed since. This cream is perfect for a night cream and really revitalises my skin while I sleep. I haven’t repurchased it yet as I have quite a few other moisturisers to get through first, but I think I will restock when I run out of them.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder

I have had this powder for what feels like forever! I bought it after going on holiday with a friend of mine last summer. It was fantastic at keeping my make up on in Indonesia which is quite a feat if you’ve ever been (humidity and heat don’t mix well with foundation). It has lasted me awhile so I definitely think it was value for money. The compact also comes with a mirror, which for a £7 powder I was pretty impressed. Unfortunately though as new make-up is discovered I have no replaced this powder with my beloved Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. Price wise it is a lot more expensive but I love it and for now, I won’t be repurchasing this Bourjois power – but there is still hope it might make a return in my future make up bag.

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray

I have been through so many bottles of this. I have tried other brands; paid more, paid less and experimented no end. For £7 this setting spray is a staple and I have already repurchased its replacement. I prefer dewy looks but they also do a matte version.

Maybelline Fitme Concealer

I’ve used this concealer for a little while and I really love it. The coverage is good and it’s very creamy which I like. It’s affordable so that’s always good. The colour range is poor but I think it’s something Maybelline are working on improving (so I’ve heard).  I am not going to be repurchasing though as I am in the early stages of potentially finding a new holy grail to replace it. Keep your eyes peeled, it might make an appearance in my March favourites.

Baylis & Harding Grapefruit Body Cream

This body cream is my winter favourite. When the weather is doing its best to ruin your skin and dry it out beyond belief this body cream is a life saver. It’s very thick but I used it after a shower before I go to bed. You also don’t need to use much so the tub has lasted me forever, I don’t use it every day either.  It smells beautiful too! I haven’t been able to replace it yet but I think I will so I’ve got it for those days my skin is particularly playing up.

Clinique Chubby Mascara 

This mascara was lovely and had a very rich and dark pigmented formula. I enjoy mascaras that are really dark black and this one was the perfect shade. It lasts very well during the day but comes off easily when removing it which is nice as I really dislike mascaras that take half my lashes with them when I remove it. it made my lashes thicker, which is great. My only real complaint is that I had to apply quite a few coats to get it to look how I wanted. Only slight minus is the clumsy shape of the brush, its tip is too round for the corner lashes.

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go

As mentioned in quite a few of my previous blogs, I have quite sensitive skin. Unless I spend decent money on a razor I always seem to get ingrown hairs on my legs after i shave. A product that I came across after looking to how to get rid of them was this Skin Doctors Ingrow Go and I really like it. It’s an amazing lotion that has an exfoliating ingredient in it, leaving skin smooth, clear and bump free. I have probably gone through about two or three bottles of this product, and after testing other alternatives I have to say this is definitely the best one I’ve come across. In fact, ive just ordered my replacement today!

I’m sure as soon as I post this blog I’ll find lots of other empties I forgot to feature! But here is just a few examples of what I’ve been loving enough to finish in 2018 so far…

Thats it from me! I hope everyone has a lovely end to the week.

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