Holy Grails and Absolute Fails – Lipstick Edition

When it comes to make up, lipstick is my favourite variation. Find out which lipsticks I adore and which ones were a total flop.

When it comes to make up, lipstick is my favourite variation. I love how different a look can become by putting on a bold red or a deep purple; it can reflect your style and give you confidence. What’s not to love?

Over the years I have built up quite the collection of lipsticks (so big in fact they have their own box under my bed). From liquid, to matte, to every colour under the rainbow. If it’s a lipstick worth having, I’ve probably got it.

There are so many on the market it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed, so here is my holy grails and absolute fails from the world of lipstick. I struggled to narrow it down too much, so there are quite a few to choose from if you fancied giving a new lipstick a go!

Holy Grails 🙌🏼🙌🏼

The lipsticks that live in your handbag and go on without even a second thought. The lipsticks you’ll buy again and again regardless of how many you already own. The lipsticks that take your make up look from good to glam! The lipsticks that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon…

Rimmel London – Lasting Finish by Kate

If I am 100% honest my original reason for buying this lipsticks collection was the packaging. I just can’t resist a pink chrome finish. I have to say though I wasn’t at all disappointed. I decided to get two very contrasting colours; boho nude and a very deep purple (perfect for autumn). I love both shades, they’re creamy and pigmented and for £6 each I just can’t complain.

Boho nude is especially lovely. I have quite pale skin so sometimes nudes wash me out. This shade is the perfect mix of nude and brown and really compliments my skin tone. 100% would recommend!

No7 – Moisture Drench

No7 was probably the first lipsticks I ever tried. I think my mum bought me one for Christmas and I’ve been in love ever since. This range is an absolute classic and I always have it to hand when I’m wanting a reliable pigmented lip colour. What I love about this range is that when you go in store they have cards that match your skin tone up to the best shades to suit you. We’ve all experienced wearing a colour we absolutely adore but that completely washes us out. With this range you’ll be maximising your skin tone and having lovely moisturised lips at the same time.

Jeffree Star – Liquid Lipstick

The first JS liquid lipstick I ever tried was “pussy whipped”, a stunning gold metallic shade. For me, if you can get a metallic right you’re on to a winner. Since then I’ve never looked back. There isn’t a lipstick I’ve tried that I’ve been disappointed with, and I feel these products are consistently a high quality. They genuinely stay on for ages, but don’t dry my lips out like most liquid lipsticks. The pigmentation is out of this world, and for £16 I this product is genuinely good value for money. I’ve paid a lot more for lipsticks that aren’t half as good as these. As Jeffree Star is an American brand if you’re purchasing from the UK, Beauty Bay is a fantastic website to get make up brands from all over the world.

Gucci – Iconic Red Moisture Rich

Before we go any further I have to say this lipstick shade is not for the faint hearted. I am a bold red lipstick lover through and through, and I’d wear a red to the supermarket if I felt like it.

This lipstick is what I imagine all brands aspire to achieve. They have a stunning shade range, the product is creamy but easy to apply, and don’t get me started on the packaging! Gold Gucci branded tube and jet black exterior! I’ve even got two of the same lipstick now purely because I can’t stand the thought of running out. I should have started with this lipstick really as it is my ultimate favourite.

(Let’s have a picture just to appreciate its beauty)

Maybelline – Colour Sensational

I think Maybelline did a fantastic job with this lipstick range. I haven’t come across a single beauty influencer who isn’t totally obsessed with this line. The lipstick is fantastic value for money, at only £6.99 you can get the whole range and never have to worry about the quality.

This range has everything you want from a lipstick: good quality, creamy, pigmented, comfortable to wear and a huge range of shades. They aren’t long lasting but they’re just a normal lipstick – they aren’t designed to be! My Gucci lipstick is 5x the prices of this one and isn’t long lasting but I still love it because it’s not a long wear style. If you’re not sure which colours suit you, or you’re new to make up I would recommend starting with this range as it’s cheap and cheerful, but it works so you won’t be wasting your hard earned money.

Joeur – Lip Creams

This brand is a definite “Instagram made me buy it moment”. After seeing Joeur all over every YouTubbers social media, I decided to try their lip creams from Beauty Bay. I ended up purchasing their rose gold lip cream and I love it! The formula is beautiful and not at all drying. The pigmentation is fantastic. I chose the rose gold colour and was delighted when it turned out just how I wanted it.

Absolute Fails 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Now we move on to the disappointments. The lipsticks that could have been great but flopped flat on their face (or yours if you’re being specific). The ones that will sit in your make up bag until you get organised enough to throw them away. The lipsticks that probably won’t ever see the outside again…

NYX – Metallic Liquid Lipstick

I was so disappointed when I purchased this product. I have tried NYX ‘soft matte cream’ lipsticks before and loved them! They are creamy and pigmented and not at all drying. So I expected a similar result from their metallic range. How wrong I was! The shade range is perfect and there are so many to choose from, but the product itself is probably the most drying liquid lipstick I’ve ever used. After only a couple of hours I am forced to take it off as it’s completely dried my lips out and they feel so sore. The glitter in the product tends to disperse all over my lips and doesn’t stay where I’ve applied the product. Neither of which I like from a lipstick.

I gave this product a fair few chances to impress, but unfortunately it’s been sat in my box since shortly after I bought it. I really wanted to love it because at £7 it would have made a fantastic substitute to my Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks. But if you do want to try a good NYX alternative, give there soft matte creams a go.

Maybelline – Matte Lipstick

After my success with the colour sensation lipsticks I was expecting big things from their matte range. Unfortunately it was not meant to be. Despite the colour range being great I just didn’t like the formula. The darker colours flaked off and left a weird colour smudge whenever you moved, and the lighter colours just dried my lips down to the point of no return. When trying to re apply this lipstick it seemed to just clump up and leave weird pockets of product all over my lips. It was a reasonable price but I know I can get much better for less.

Benefit – Double the Lip

As a general rule I absolutely love benefit! Their products are quirky and different and usually work a dream. This lipstick however is a no go for me. The product itself is split, with a pink and brown shade next to each other to create an ombré look – which I love the idea of. In practice however the ombré effect is almost unnoticeable and the colour pay off of the pink is really limited. If I’m wearing a lipstick like this it needs to be pigmented otherwise it just looks like you can’t apply your lip liner.

Another thing I’m not the biggest fan of is the packaging. the lipstick is in quite a small brown tube that you have to wind to get product to come out. I understand the concept and they’re trying something new, but I can’t get on with it and much prefer a standard lipstick or liquid with an applicator. Sorry benefit but I’m not in love just yet.


And that’s everything from me! I could go on forever about lipsticks and this list could have turned into a novel; so it’s just a few of my current favourites and fails.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m about 6 months into starting my blog and I appreciate every supportive comment and like ❤️

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