Being Kind is Always in Fashion

Kindness is free and it’s the most valuable gift you’ll give someone today…

I get on the train every day to work. I see the same faces every morning and every evening and it still amazes me that I am the only person who smiles at strangers. I’ve been brought up to be polite and simply holding a door open for someone, or saying ‘have a nice day’ is second nature to me. I say good morning to everyone I interact with in the morning and it starts my day off brilliantly when people do the same. I’m a glass half full girl and I always will be, so sometimes I struggle with the concept that it’s easier to be rude than it is to be kind.


My reason for this post is sometimes I think it’s very easy to forget just how simple and quick it is to be kind.  I feel like every time I turn on the news or open a paper I am only ever greeted with horrific news of terrible acts; sad moments in history that are moulding the way we see the world. So why not be kind at every opportunity you get?


I recently read an article on the importance of mindfulness and kindfulness, the idea was around looking after yourself properly and then redirecting that outwards to be kind to others at every opportunity (even on the days you don’t really want to). I thought it was a lovely concept and something that is so easy to do, because really what do you gain from swiping a nasty comment towards someone? In fact, I’ve seen an increasing number of articles recently that are talking about the importance of kindness and how last guys really don’t finish last.


Sometimes I have interactions with people and I really struggle to understand why someone would give a response they know will impact someone. The world is such a nicer place if you care about the way you make people feel. You may not feel like your actions have an impact but you need to be aware they 100% do and you have the impact to change someone’s day. “The words you speak become the house you live in” the most important quote I’ve ever seen. Every day people are fighting battles we know nothing about and what a lovely place the world would be if everyone was conscious of this fact. The way you treat the people around you could make or break their day, so why risk it by being anything other than kind?


I’m not sure if somewhere between being a child and becoming an adult people lose the ability to be kind; whether they lose touch with the idea that every person they interact with is exactly that…a person! It’s a shame though as the act of being kind should be completely second nature, as for me it’s the easiest option. You should smile at strangers and be patient with those that don’t know the same things you do. It doesn’t make your day any easy by being horrible towards someone else. It might seem like all I am doing is having a rant but honestly, I think it’s really important to celebrate kindness. To appreciate the kind things people do and to feel good about yourself when you do a similar selfless act.


Kindness is free and it’s the most valuable gift you’ll give someone. So what can you do today to brighten a day?

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