February Favourites

It’s time for a brand new month of favourites! πŸŒΈπŸ’—

It’s a new year and I am aware I missed my January favourites, so why start my first favourites of 2018 with lots of lovely new beauty products! (plus a few none beauty related favs)!

As always I’ve found a few newbies this month and want to share my discoveries! I hope you enjoy.

Terracotta Bronzer

As a someone who has quite pale skin, bronzer can sometimes be a tough one to match. I recently came across Terracotta, and their bronzer is a much softer colour with a pink blush running along the edge. I find it suits my skin tone much better than others I’ve tried, and it warms up my face beautifully. The packaging looks like a little compact pearl finished mirror which I do love as well.

NYX Pigment – PIG

Who says glitter is just for festivals? Definitely not me. I absolutely love spicing up a make up look with some daring glitter pigment. In the past I’ve used MAC pigments, which do work wonderfully but are of course MAC priced.

On my lunch break one day I came across this NYX pigment, which I’d never seen before. I was really surprised just how blinding they were when the lady working the stand showed me. For Β£5 I just couldn’t resist! Nearly a month later and I haven’t touched my MAC pigments since. When I apply it with a primer or setting spray it becomes even more blinding.

If you want to be a little more glam I’d definitely recommend giving this pigment a try. Especially in the shade pig (shown in the picture below)

Charlotte Tilbury – Hepburn Honey Lipstick

In the winter my lips become so dry and sore I sometimes struggle to wear lipstick. Liquid lipsticks are a complete no go, but cream based lipsticks can sometimes work. I’d seen lots of really positive reviews about Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks on YouTube so decided to give one a go. After struggling with finding a nude that suits me I came across ‘Hepburn Honey’ and it’s become my day time go to. The formula is really nice and keeps my lips moisturised. The colour is beautiful and really wearable and the packaging is classy and pretty. What’s not to love?

Sheep Skin Slippers

Before I start I know this isn’t beauty related but I got these slippers at Christmas and they haven’t really come off my feet since. They are honestly one of the most comfortable things I own.

They are a beautiful tan shade with a fur lining and hard sole, which is perfect for support. I’ve had slippers before that just wear away once you used them a lot but the hard sole on these shoes is fantastic! The colour is stunning as well and the fur lining means my feet are toasty warm even on the coldest winter evenings!

I mean they are just slippers so I can’t go on forever, but after this pair I can’t see myself wanting anything other than sheepskin in the future.

Clinique Chubby Stick

The fact this product has made in onto my monthly favourites is a complete surprise to me. I am usually totally against stick / cream highlighters. I find they just smudge your make up and don’t do much in the way of highlighting. The Clinique chubby stick however really proved that theory wrong. I don’t use it highlight my cheeks, but for my nose, Cupid’s bow and inner corner of my eyes it’s lovely! The shade is a beautiful champagne colour and for me it’s like it perfects the finishing touches to my make up.

Kiko – Luxurious Lashes

After running out of my trusty Maybelline big shot I decided to mix it up and try a new mascara. After having a look around boots and Superdrug I ventured out and purchased the Kiko luxurious lashes and I’ve loved it!

The applicator brush is really big so it coats all your lashes and the formula is nice so it doesn’t go clumpy. I think it cost me about Β£7 for a 12ml tube so it’s pretty good value for money too.

Sometimes it’s nice to try something new and this month it paid off nicely! I’m not sure it’s heavy duty enough for a really dramatic eye look, but for everyday it’s perfect.


I am always on the look out for new brands and products to try, so if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments!

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Thank you so much for reading! That’s it for this months favourites. Time to get trying some new things for March ❀️

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