September Favourites

Have a read of all the things i have been loving this month…

How an earth is it the end of the month already? I feel like I do my favourites of the month every two minutes! Time seems to be going so fast. Despite how fast the past month has gone I have still managed to get in my monthly fix of favourites. I have also included some products that I am on the hunt for! So please let me know if you have any suggestions.

In all honesty it has taken me a little while to get this blog finished. I have been so busy at work.  I must have come back to it what feels like 100 times. But nevertheless here is my monthly favourites…

As always I will link in the article to places you can find all my favourites this month. If you happen to try them out, please let me know how you get on!

Favourites This Month…

Nars Blusher

So Kicking off my list this month is a classic Nars blush. I don’t think this product will ever leave my make-up bag. The colour I’m obsessed with is the shade “orgasm”. The shade is so pretty and the gold that is throughout makes my skin glow all day long. I am a huge fan of Nars blushes generally but this one I feel matches my skin tone beautifully. I have a few matte shades but they just don’t have my heart like this one does. I managed to get hold of the big pan blush and have struggled to find one as large since! Which is very upsetting.

NYX Hd concealer

I came across this concealer from watching YouTube videos. There are so many concealers on the market it is sometimes hard to tell them apart, but I tried this one and was really impressed. Prior to this I purchased the “fit me” concealer from Maybelline and I wasn’t impressed with the colour range. I have quite pale skin and the lightest colour was almost darker than my foundation. This NYX one however has a larger colour range so it really highlights as well as covers dark circles. I have colour 01 and i really like the texture as it’s not too heavy but the coverage is still there. I do love NYX as I feel they consistently bring out good quality products but for such a reasonable price. Yesterday I purchased their new metallic liquid lipsticks so hopefully it makes it to next the months Favourites. This concealer cost £7 which I think is very fair and it does the job. So it’s gold star from me! 🌟🌟

Urban decay smokey and palette

I have actually had this palette for quite awhile. It’s a staple to my make up kit and I find myself dipping into at least one colour every time I do an evening look. When I first got the palette I struggled to make a full look with the colours. As my make up collection has grown I have come to appreciate it more. The colours are stunning and the range doesn’t stick to a “safe” smokey eye. There are purples, greys, greens and everything in between, which I think it a great way to liven up a classic smokey eye. The pigmentation is pretty good and I don’t experience much fallout either. The palette was kind of pricey at £40, but there are other eyeshadows on the market for a lot more. If you are looking for a palette to go with everything I would suggest investing in this one as it feels like it will last me forever.

Vaseline hand and nail cream

I have never really been one for handcream. My mum always has one in her bag and puts it on throughout the day, but for me I always struggle to remember. Since starting work however I have be putting hand-cream on my desk and it really makes me use it regularly. I had a Baylis and Harding one for awhile which I loved and it smelt amazing but I don’t feel really looked after my skin. I purchased the Vaseline hand and nail cream and noticed a difference straight away. It smells lovely and has definitely made my nails stronger and hands softer. It cost me about £2, so cheap it would be silly not to give it a try.

Jeffree Star X Manny MUA “I’m shook”

When I very first got Instagram and started watching YouTube videos one of the first make up people I followed was Manny Mua. Along the way I have come across a lot more influencers that I love as well, such as Jeffree star. When I began following Jeffree I discovered his make up line. I have always love the liquid lipsticks he does and the colour range available. My first velour liquid lipstick was “pussy whipped” and I still love it today.

So when Manny and Jeffree released their collaboration I was very excited. I didn’t want to just purchased the products because I enjoyed watching them on YouTube though. So when I saw the bundle and discovered the salmon red “I’m shook” I was already on board. For me “daddy” was not my shade and I didn’t fall in love, so I decided to just get the one lipstick. I haven’t really put it down since. For a red it is so versatile and seems to go with everything. The formula is lovely and doesn’t dry my lips out at all, it’s super pigmented so one application does the job and it really does last for hours. No complains from me! The only real shame is that it’s a collaboration so it’s not a permanent part of the velour liquid lipstick line.

What I am on the hunt for…

I am in desperate need of some nice work trousers! I have looked high and low for some black tailored trousers that I can wear to work. I need something smart but still fashionable. I don’t want to have to buy some ugly trousers just for convenience. If I’m at work everyday I want to be able to still show off my own style.

As winter draws in it seems that every shop, bar and office I go into has its heating on full blast. Don’t get me wrong I love feeling cosy but the constant hot air is massively drying out my skin. Does anyone have any good moisturising mask or overnight creams that are good to tackle this?

The perfect nude for a pale skinned girl! This is an on going struggle for everyone who is really pale. I love nude lipstick but I find a lot of shade really wash me out or look like foundation on my lips, neither of which is a good look! If anyone has any good nude shades please let me know where I should look. I tend to go for deep nudes as this contrasts with my skin most; but I am always on the look out for the ‘perfect’ shade.

Thank you so much for reading my September Favourites! I am trying to mix up what I blog about but I enjoy doing this as a monthly edition. So let me know what you think!

Any feedback welcome 💗💗💗 

3 thoughts on “September Favourites

  1. The Orgasm blush is so pretty! I have the lipstick in that shade and it’s gorgeous as well.

    I always forget to put on hand cream in the summer but with the dryer weather coming up, I’m usually pretty good to remember cuz my skin gets really bad. I use that Vaseline hand cream too!

    Something that has helped hydrate my skin a lot is the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. You complete your skin care routine as normal but then you put the sleeping pack on as a final step for added hydration! It’s worked really well for me. I have oily but dehydrated skin and I know skin care can be very individual! But I’d definitely suggest checking it out!

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